Bearcats News · 2018-19 PlanetHS Information (now Arbiterathlete) – all information is paperless

On April 1, the PlanetHS website began its transition to the ArbiterAthlete brand!
PlanetHS is excited to integrate its software with the comprehensive ArbiterSports’
solutions – an integration of today’s two most innovative solutions for school-based

This integration will allow you access to all of the functionality of ArbiterAthlete and the
other ArbiterSports’ solutions from a single screen using a single account – this is the
most frequently heard request from school athletic departments.
Although we have a new brand, look and feel, the powerful functionality and quick
customer support that you have come to learn and count on is not going away!

Effective immediately, South Carolina High School League student eligibility, transfers,
online rules clinics, and baseball pitch count modules have migrated to the new
ArbiterAthlete interface, in all schools except those in Greenville County. The schools
in Greenville County will migrate to ArbiterAthlete on July 1.

Please read these FAQs to become familiar with this transition:

Where do I log in? is the new home for PlanetHS. Please update your bookmarks to
reflect the new URL. During the transitional phase, will redirect you to
ArbiterAthlete upon logging in.
Will my existing account still work as normal?
Yes. All e-mails, usernames, passwords and permissions will carry over into New administrator, parent and students account will be created
here, too!

Can I use my existing Arbiter One credentials to manage ArbiterAthlete?
For now, your Arbiter and PlanetHS/Arbiter Athlete accounts will continue to work
independently. We will release a single sign-on option for all Arbiter products soon.

To begin, go to

If you downloaded information this past year – your passwords, emails, and logins are all the same.

Remember – Medical history can be downloaded or on-line, physicals (doctor signature page) must be downloaded and dated, parents permission and concussion forms are done on-line, and birth certificate must be downloaded. Both the athlete and parent must have accounts and link them together by phone number or email. For further questions, ask your coach or call the athletic department.