Bearcats News · 2019-2020 Sports Physical Information

The following provides information in regards to sports physicals for the 2019-2020 school year: 

In the past, Piedmont has performed our annual station-based physicals at the school, however, they are unable to do those anymore. Therefore, student-athletes will be required to go on their own and get a physical from a doctors office.  All sports physicals from this year will expire on June 1 unless the physical was performed AFTER April 1, 2019.

Here are your choices:

1) Go to primary care physician.  Many insurances will pay for 1 physical/wellness exam per year.  Cost depends on insurance.  Most require an appointment.


2) Doctors Care on Cherry road (in front of Publix) is currently offering $15 physicals. (This is CHEAPER than our school physicals were) Walk-Ins Only.  This price will ONLY last until July 31.  Insurance is NOT accepted for Sports Physicals.  Hours are M-F 8am – 8pm and 9am – 5pm Sat & Sun.


3) Atrium Health (Carolinas Health Care) Urgent Cares are currently offering $35 physicals. Reservations and Walk-Ins are Welcome.  Insurance is NOT accepted for Sports Physicals.  Hours are everyday from 8am – 8pm.


4) Riverview Medical Center on Celanese is offering $45 physicals.  Insurance is NOT accepted for Sports Physicals.  Walk-Ins Only.  Hours are everyday from 7am – 11pm